Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Hello I have popped back again as I do

Well I'm still drawing stuff and things are still in a state of normality at home. But elsewhere things are starting to come off the rails a bit. Covid-19 is getting worse in the UK again and it  is looking likely it will be seriously bad. Parts of Europe are a couple of weeks ahead of the UK and Countries such as Spain and France are not good. 

The Election in the USA seems to be just strange at present; Mr Bidon seems a bit frail and as for Mr Trump; to me he has lost the plot as well as going down with Covid-19 and he also appears to have given key members of his party Covid-19. He says he is fine, but in truth it is early days for him and this is one seriously nasty virus that can get you many days even weeks after you think all is going well. And he does not appear to be trying to win votes from outside his core supporters. So is at risk of self 
destruction both physically and in the Presidential race.

We will see I guess. . . . . . 


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