Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Drawing and JK Rowling

 I have started Drawing again. Well I started when JK Rowling started posting the tale of the Ickabog via a link on Twitter (it was not planned to draw stuff, but she did say folk could). It was interesting random subject material being posted a chapter at a time which was ideal. It is good to be forced into drawing something new each day without knowing what on earth you may have to draw. Anyway it was a fairy-tale sort of . . . . I say sort of because I always think of fairy-tales as slightly different to that of the tale of the Ickabog which felt more adult to me than I was expecting. I was hoping to draw Cows laying Golden eggs and frogs kissing innocent passersby or giants planting beanstalks with pigs living at the top to avoid small children in red hoodies. 

I have never met JK Rowling but do wonder if she is quite an intense personality, She certainly seems focused when you consider what she has achieved over the years and those who follow her on twitter will know she tells stuff as she sees it. 

When the story ended I continued to use it to do my little drawing although I did have to bend the story slightly and make things up, but I dont think she will mind too much.

And now I just keep drawing. . . . Not big grand arty works of art, but small sketch pad drawings done each evening until I run out of ideas or steam. After all I have many other things to do so this is just a little task I set myself each day and it is good to create in some form if you can. 

So what kind of drawing am I doing I hear you all type well here are the last three . . .  make of them what you will. And if you happen to talk to JK Rowling do say hello and wish her well.

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