Friday, 1 July 2016

The Kiple and the Grustle . . . A poem

The Kiple once called the Grustle a fool
When it hissed at man in a large swimming pool
Who distracted fell off the high diving board
And got left suspended by
His swimming trucks cord
The Grustle amused laughed and it laughed
The Kiple accusing it of creating a draft
The lifeguard saving the man
With his trusty pen knife
Cutting the cord the man then fell on his wife
Who below was filming on her mobile phone
The video ending abruptly
With a scream and a groan
And although slightly scratched and battered
They are now both stars

On YouTube so they say
Although it’s a YouTube video
The Grustle refuses to play


  1. Here is some terrible political news: the faux politician idiot Sarah Palin has improperly used RAT. She says it stands for Republicans Against Trump. I feel that prompt action is required by our group of RATs. I think we should mail her a bullet. Sarah likes bullets, and she will be amazed by the shiny pretty metal and her warped reflection that she may possibly doze off into a happiness coma.

    1. That is not Right how dare she steal RATs for her own political use. Is she saying she is a RAT because I thought she was a Trump supporter. Or a Trumpie as I will call her . . . . .

      Look out the Trumpies are coming

    2. I was thinking about calling Trump supporters 'Trumpettes'. Palin is stupidly evil.

    3. I like 'Trumpettes' after all they are a noisy bunch. . .