Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Poetry for a Woman who Writes Wizard Stories

You know that chap
No hang on it was a woman
Who wrote those books about a wizard
You know the one; they were turned into films
Or was it a TV series
And it had that chap in it with a pointy hat
And those hobbit things and an odd cute rat
What was her name
She has the same initials as that other man
The one in that 1980’s show who got shot
You know it was on the box quite a lot
Back then
What was his name
In sure it stated with a J or M
It was Jack or Jim or was it Dave
He was in that film about a slave
Which I’m sure had a dinosaur
Like that 1960’s thriller called DAMN I forget
No hang on I remember now it was Godzilla
Yes you know him.
Well he had the same initials
But a different name
Oooooo this is enough to drive a chap insane
If only I had a better brain
Anyway I saw her once on a bus
Or was it a train
No Hang on it was on the television
she wrote all that stuff in a café you know
Which really only does go to show
What a good cup of tea can do
Anyway she has wrote this play
About the same wizard chap
Who asks about the Thirty Nine Steps
Or so they say
And he has to find them as he goes on his way
Or he will end up covered in custard
No hang on that’s not right
He will end up in a curse
Which is quite frankly easier to get into verse
Ooooooo dear what is her name
Because whenever I wave now
While on the bus or train
She whispers to her husband
O god its that poet chap
You known the one
Whats his name
That poet who is

You know who I mean
The one who’s cat sleeps on his head
Yes the black cat called
Thingy something or other
No I’m sure it is not a dog

Hang on why has he drawn me poking a wasps nest?
And his poetry is rubbish.


  1. I saw in the news that she was opposed to banning old Donald Drumpf from entering the UK.

    1. She is certainly not a Donald Drumpf fan, I would be rather shocked if she was. But she does believe in letting folk have their say, I think she would argue he would do his cause more harm by allowing him to speak to folk. Much in the same way I tweet my little poems at her, that has not done me any good what so ever. Although she has not shouted yet, but then with about six million twitter followers maybe my poems are lost among the other 100,000 poems she might receive each day. I know if I had to read 100,000 poems each day I would never get those important DIY jobs done. HANG ON I have just thought of a good excuse to tell my wife why those shelves have not been moved yet.

      It is definitely getting warmer outside now and the grass is growing very fast.

    2. You can tell your wife you are t00 busy responding to aLL my comments. It has gotten warmer here but it has been raining sporadically not quite aLL the time in mainly a slight drizzle eXcept for a few horrendous fiercely hail storms. Some of the hail in my region has been as large as 4 inches but I think our house has only received copious amounts of tiny sleet like hail. I did have a beauutiful set of grape vines (4) but they have some damage. The little dog has finally got used to noisy storms, he just sits on my lap or snuggles up beside me calmly. I am going to try some 3D designs with cardstock cutting on my Roland GX-24. My sole mate in Delaware hasn't seen any preying mantis yet this Spring, so I think I will make her one out of cardstock.

    3. A preying Mantis out of card is always good but not as good a the real thing. We have had a few showers today and are due more rain tonight. The driver wiper blade became detached from its arm while driving in one of the showers luckily it remained tangled in the arm and is now back in the correct position.

      We have no grape vines now they just were not happy.

    4. Do you mean you had grape vines and got rid of them, or is it just a poor year for growing them?

    5. I got rid of them they were not doing well the one in the greenhouse had mould problems and the one outside got attacked by the cold and rain. Not a good choice for our heavy clay soil.

    6. I hAd neVer heArd of grApe viNes insIde a greenHouse befOre.

    7. It is common in Britain Mr ESB . . . its a bit chilly and wet over here at times in the summer.

  2. Heehee, I rather enjoyed that Mr Z.
    By the way, may I ask your permission to pin your drawings on a special Rob Z Torbor board on Pinterest? With proper credit and links. pretty pleeeeeeeeease.

    1. Miss Lily you are more than welcome to use any of my pictures poems or stories as you please. . . Plainly if you make a fortune I might like a decent fish supper, but I am more than happy to let regular followers (thats you, Mr ESB and Mr H) of this blog to use my work.

      Having now written this you are legally safe as you have it in writing.

    2. OOooooo I assume you realise that if you click on the picture you will get it full size that way you can copy and paste it and maintain the quality of the image

    3. Thank you Mr Z. I promise you that if I become a multi-millionaire, I shall buy you a fish supper while I roll around in the lap of luxury. If you're views suddenly shoot up, that'll be me plagiarising your pictures. Right, I'm off to check up on some strange bloke called Rob Z Tobor. Apparently he has a new blog.

    4. A New Blog. . . . well that is interesting.