Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Poetry for the Uncharted Fiords of Kathmandu

A Finnish sea captain and a girl from Indonesia

Ran away to sea and sailed to Kathmandu

The captain said it was quite tricky trip

And a rather difficult trip for a sailing ship to do

Although most seafaring folk

Said the idea was quite peculiar and certainly very strange

But as they tied up in the harbour

They both smiled a smile or two

After all they had sailed many uncharted fiords

And though mountains that seemed to touch the sky

A route assumed impossible and a foolhardy thing to try

But their success meant they could finally marry

And the best man and bridesmaids had a little cry

And they honeymooned in a hot air balloon

Waving Kathmandu a fond Goodbye

So if you ever sail to Kathmandu

As you reach its strange mountainous Coast

Think of the Finnish sea captain and a girl from Indonesia

Raise a glass of rum and have a little toast.  


  1. Sail down a fjord? Why, yes, that sounds lovely. Get in hot air balloon? Not on your life!

    1. I have been down many fiords in the past when I worked offshore, watching these sneaky Norwegians smuggle bottles of spirit to their friends as we sailed into Bergen. That was a long time ago though.

      I have never been in a hot air balloon though but sometimes see them heading over the house in the summer.

      And you have returned even though the A to Z has finished. . Few folk do that.

  2. No sea monsters, or flying Zombie Demons with a taste for Seagulls?
    This was a lovely, gentle and romantic prose, Mr Z.

    You really should have a page showcasing your wonderful drawings. Or even set up a separate blog to exhibit them.

    1. I did that Miss lily but it was another blog and more work so I will stick with this one. I did away with the other blog in the end, plus my sky pictures blog. Having one blog is so much easier.