Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Poetry for Sailors and a Mermaid

It is said that Neptune once made
A beautiful legendary, but strange Mermaid
Who sang and danced and often played
Who Sailors feared with great fear and dread
Because you only saw her, or so it was said
When your ship had sank and you had drowned
So you were now alas quite quite dead
She would feed your bones to cuttlefish
This as we all know, is their favourite dish
And then torment your soul
With the promise of a kiss
As your soul drifts in the great Oceans
Great dark abyss
But they now do say
That sailors will not see
The Mysterious Mermaid of the wild sea
As the great fables of the Ocean
Are seen merely as a fairy tale
Like Moby Dick the giant man eating whale
But if you find yourself
In a wild force 10 storm
With a mighty and terrible swell
And you hear distant singing
Be warned that
All will almost certainly  
Not end well.
As the Ocean roars
And then 
Tries to send
You  deep to the ocean floor
To meet a tragic

Mermaid in China. . . . . .

HAH A AHha ah ah ahah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ha hha ha ha ha ha h ah ah aha ha ha h hah ah ah h h


  1. I am not sure what my favorite dish is. Perhaps it is the gigantic 4 gallon stainless steel cylindrical pot and lid that I use during the boiling stage of making beer. No, that is most likely 2nd to the 9 by 13 inch dark glass pan that I make German Chocolate Cake in. I did have two of them, but my wife shattered one of them thermally when it exploded while she was making lasagna. I keep my remaining cake pan hidden from her by keeping it safely hid in the back seat of my car.

    1. shattered when it exploded while making lasagne. Well that is not an everyday event. It is interesting that the other glass pan is hidden in your car, which implies you wife does not look in your car. My wife and I dump all sorts of stuff in each others cars all the time.

    2. I ride in my wife's SUV quite frequently, but my wife only rarely rides in my car or truck.

    3. My wife and I generally use my car it is a bit bigger and my wife's car is starting to get rather old and rusty, a bit like me.

  2. Hi human, Mr. Rob,

    Have you missed me? Of course you have. As for my human, Gary, well, he still seems to be absent.

    Sorry I haven't been able to keep up. Speaking of mermaids, I thought you'd might like to know that there is a mermaid that lurks in a very deep pool just a few miles from where we live. Black Mere Pool up in the Peak District.

    Thank you for another one of your surreal pawstings, my amazing human friend.

    Pawsitive wishes, your way,


    1. Penny I keep an eye on your blog and both yourself and Mr G do a grand job , just look at the number of comments you get. That only happens if you work away to keep in contact with all the other bloggers out in cyberspace.

      Take care both and I hope you have a great summer. . . I did not know about the Mermaid in the Peak District.

  3. Ooh, that was quite dark. I wonder if the myths about Mermaid would still exist if they had a fishy top half and human legs? Love the rather abstract drawing.

    1. A famous artist painted mermaids with a fishy top half and human legs, but I can not remember who it was. I was quite please with the picture but it was drawn in bed while I was being sat on by the cat so it was a bit of an accident. I was planning to draw something else entirely. . . I cant remember what though.