Sunday, 15 May 2016

Poetry for a flying carpet and a Persian Prince

The Persian Prince flew
His magic carpet across the sky
With great pomp and ceremony
For all to see
Over ivory towers and golden minarets
Across great deserts and a stormy sea
From Constantinople to Kathmandu
Over mountain ranges and forests too
Over clouds and dark cold Arabian nights
Over busy cities and their city lights
And although, he always enjoyed them all
Because as we all know the Persian Prince
Liked to
His favourite trip
Was always
At the End


  1. Aww, no witty (huh!) comments from me. That was a beautiful poem. And that picture with all those colours, is stunning! You've outdone yourself Mr Z.

    1. That was a very speedily done drawing Miss Lily. And as for the little poem well all I can say is I dont like going places and much prefer to hide at home. And strangely I do have a very very old flying carpet that came from Iran in the early 1950's. Apparently the reason I can get it to fly is I dont know the magic word. I have tried many over the years since I was about three and no luck yet. . . .DAMN

  2. I just realized that practically every airplane most likely has carpet inside it, and has for quite some time, so essentially everyone who flies is flying on a flying carpet although most people are oblivious to this. It is nice to have the rest of the airplane surrounding the carpet to protect it from the weather and birds.

    1. It would mess with many mathematical principles if it turned out the only reason that aeroplanes can fly is because the carpets are stuck in, lifting the plane off the ground. Although it seems a little more reassuring to know all that metal is held up by magic and a good strong glue.

    2. Oh! You thought I was implying that aLL carpets are magical flying entities! Oh, no, when carpets come fresh from the factory they can't fly. Its only when the correct forms and swarms of microbes and slightly larger invisible tiny beings make their home in the carpets do they gain levitational transformation to aeroborne tran-spore-tation.

    3. Gosh you know many things Mr ESB . . . :)

    4. Known, yes, but I have forgot half of them.... ... .. .