Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Poetry for another Witch

Is that a Witch I see
Against a big bright cold full MOON
And does she and her black cat
Have thoughts of turning
A passing prince into a frog
Sometime very SOON
Does she dream of stirring potions
In a cauldron suspended
Above a hazel wood FIRE
Full of lizard scales
And swiftlet wings
And an ogres thoughts of DESIRE
And as I watch her on her broomstick
Flying to and FRO
Does she know that I am watching
Which means
Maybe it is time

AHAH AHahah a ha ha hah a ha hahah a ha ha hah ah ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha 


  1. I thought that witches danced naked in the light of the full moon, whilst leaping across the flames of a burning bonfire as they pay homage to the Gods of...oh no wait...that was last Saturday after we all got drunk at Leza's hen night.

    Really enjoyed this one Mr Z.

    1. Thanks Miss lily. You will probably find Leza's hen night turns up on YouTube now. Nothing escapes the smart phone these days, with the possible exception of Aliens, Witches dancing naked by the light of the moon, ghosts and the Yeti.