Tuesday, 24 May 2016

More Pirate Poetry

Everyone loves an eccentric wise Pirate
With his pirates swagger
As he sharpens his cutlass on a cuttlefish bone
And his parrot sings of the sea
In a raucous belligerent tone
The crew dancing on a dead man’s chest
Stolen in the dark of night
From its hidden place of rest . . .
Pieces of eight
Gold doubloons
And glinting silver coins
Slipping through the crews fingers
Mistrust brewing through their desire and greed
The eccentric pirate captain and the parrot
Watching and chewing caraway seed
Be gone me hearties
He shouts with his cutlass drawn
Greed will destroy ye all
Like a poison thorn
And with that he throws the chest
Into the sea and says
I be ye greatest Pirate Captain
There will ever be
Because while on my ship all the crew
Are treated equally

Now where be the rum.
And who
Is going to dive in to recover that chest

Tom the cabin boy ye say
Well give him a cannonball
To help him on his way

Whats that you say Skippy
Tom can’t swim


This by the way is what happens when you choose to strim the grass at the side of the drive within view of a few cows. Cows are like cats, give them a cardboard box and they will get in it


  1. Hi human, Rob,

    Ooh arf, I really like your Pawrate pawetry, my fine human friend.

    A moooving photo and watch out for really large cowboard boxes!

    Pawsitive wishes, your way,


    1. I bet you love a good cardboard boxer Penny . . . . . . HAH HAHAhah ah a ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ha ha haha ha hah ah ah ah ha hahha ha ha ha ha

      Stay happy Penny, modest internet superstar and celebrity wise dog.