Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Another day in the life of an ordinary old battered chap

It has been a busy-ish day I say ish because my old battered body just cant do the stuff it used to in the old days when I was a devil may care North Sea Tiger leaping from platform to ship to barge to rig and an assortment of things in-between. Right now I am waiting for some glue to harden up so I can carry on making a chair of a teddy bear to sit on that will be in pride of place on Saturday afternoon in the village hall as folk try the Guess the Name of the Bear competition. I am making Him/her a tall chair (comparatively) as this a village jumble sale so the poor little bear needs to be at a height where he will be seem and not lost in the chaos of Jumble. I am not sure what sort of jumble will be there but having volunteered to help I am somewhat apprehensive having seen previous jumble sales.  I don’t know about other places but round here the same stuff appears to go round in circles until folk get frightened to even turn up.

We have also managed to get to the Garden Centre in Shrewsbury where I bought two small Japanese Acer’s for £22.00 which I thought seemed a good deal. I have also managed to cut some of the grass in the back garden. . . OK it’s more a wild space than garden, but we have just over half an acre and I have never yet managed to get it all looking good at the same time. We also have a pair of pheasants nesting somewhere known to all here as Mr and Mrs Gandhi, we call all our pheasants Gandhi

OK I ran off there for a bit but I am back now

AH NO sorry I am off again I will be back in a bit.

OK back but much later

I have got a bit more done on the chair for the bear, eaten food, chilled a bi in front of the TV (as sitting behind it is silly) and I have shouted at the cats. I don’t know what they are on but the pair of them are driving me had (sorry mad, see what I mean) with their tactical battle over who can corner who in the corner.

OK that’s it that is a typical day in the life of me yet again. Exciting it is not, but on the bright side is was a lovely sunny day and I have seen more swallows and more Red Kites, we get a lot of Red Kites around here (the birds not the fabric flying device with string attached), 


  1. Pheasants in the garden? All I've got are some insects and a couple of dead bodies...

    Do we get to see a picture of the 'Bear Chair' once it's finished Mr Z?

    1. We get a lot of wildlife in the garden even Buzzards sitting in the apple trees.

      Yes I will take a picture of the Bear Chair as it will save me drawing a picture. . . PHEW

  2. I am going to guess the bear name: Grizzly

    1. It appears we were cutting grass on the same day.

    2. Ooooh! Your blog odometer is almost to 200,000 !!!

    3. No not Grizzly Mr ESB it is not on the list. It will officially be named on Friday morning by an independent party who will seal the name in an envelope so even I will not know until it is time to announce the winner, it will be like the Oscars but more exciting.

      I was hoping to get to 200 000 during the A to Z but ironically I had fewer visitors that normal.

      It is good we cut the grass at the same time it will keep the world in balance and reduce the wobble a bit.