Thursday, 5 May 2016

A story about a Bear in a Chair

The Bear is only about 10 inches in height by the way
Not a huge Monster Bear
But his chair is finished and he is a Happy Bear.

Once upon a time there was a Bear in a Chair

He/she was not just any Bear in a Chair

He/she was the ruler of the world

And a jolly good ruler he/she was too

The Bear in the Chair said that everyone must be nice to bears

And all the folk in the world cheered and were nice to bears

And then he/she said everyone in the world must be nice to everyone

And everyone in the World cheered and was nice to everyone
(This is quite obviously a fairy tale)

Then someone asked the wise bear what his/her name is

And the Bear in the Chair said. . . AH I can’t remember

Someone shouted Grizzly and the bear said. . . . No

Someone else shouted Vladimir and the Bear said. . . . No

Someone else said Aristotle and the bear said . . . . . No

Someone shouted Matilda and the bear said I can’t remember

Then the bear said

Hang on I have my name written on a piece of paper

Safely hidden away so that I cannot forget it

And the people of the world cheered and shouted

But what is it we need to know the name of the Bear in the Chair

And the bear said

Well this is answer to the Guess the Name of the Bear Competition

So I will not be allowed to tell anyone until after Saturday

When it will be revealed to the entire world

After the local village jumble sale

And the people of the world said

Well that’s not fair and spent the rest of time fighting and being rotten

You see folk are like that, the slightest thing and before you know it we are all at war

Well everyone except the Bear in the Chair

Who remains poised and dignified wondering who will guess the correct name?

And wondering why he/she has a slightly wonky chair.


  1. Conversation I just had with the Lil Man-

    Me-Can you guess the bear's name?
    Lil man- Ivory.
    Lil Man-Of course not, It's Rob. How about Gilgamesh.
    Me- Seriously??
    Lil man- Again, it's Rob.

    Love the chair, although it's more a throne. And I'm gonna guess Voldermort for a name, because after all, you're Rob.

    1. There is one small problem, because it is not me that will name the Bear in the Chair that way I can not be accused of effecting who wins. It will be named tomorrow morning by a very sensible friend working at the market and the answer sealed in an envelope until needed. I will not see it.

      If it was just up to me I would choose Gilgamesh the Gory

      I will let you know the answer on Saturday night but I suspect it will be very normal indeed. Like Tom or the like. Sorry about that.

    2. I wanted to put Voldemort on the list of possible options but I was told I am silly. . . . . That might be a bit true I am a bit silly... and grumpy.

  2. I think maybe "Winnie The" for my secondary choice.

    1. Sorry Mr ESB that is not on the list. And we got someone to choose the name and it is sealed away safe so I dont know what it myself.

    2. You would think that a "The" list would have a "Winnie The" on it, but I am wrong.

    3. Indeed Mr ESB. . . . I can now tell you the winning name was/is Archie. I will explain in my next post.

      Ooooo it is a lovely day here today.