Thursday, 20 August 2015

THe Big Question. . . . Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party Leadership Contest

Every now and again I enter the world of politics, and I am also well known for answering Big Questions of our time, so today (if I manage to get this written in time) I will merge these two themes and deal with the upcoming Labour Party leadership Election.  As it happens I have no say in this as I am not a member of the Labour Party or any other party for that matter due to my bitter cynicism of all things political.

Now everyone here in Britain is well aware that there are four people standing for the leadership one of whom is called Jeremy Corbyn, but in other countries this news may not be important and therefore unknown. If you live in the USA where politics is generally a lot more to the right than in Britain then you might see Mr Corbyn as the child of the Devil and President Putin, this is not correct. He is it appears a rather principled chap but on the left of the political spectrum. The important point as far as I can see is that he is man of principle and stands up for what he thinks is right, OK I don’t know for sure if all his ideas are right, but he says and does what he believes is in the greater interest of the country.

Now it is interesting to ponder why he is standing for leader but I have a theory, you see Labour being Labour likes to be seen as fair, so there are four candidates for leader two women and two men.  Of these four, three are fundamentally main stream, a couple politically in the centre of the Labour Party one is to the right of the Labour Party (remember this is the part of the left. . . I think) and then there is Mr Corbyn on the left of the party. It has been said he was only proposed as a token candidate to keep the left quiet and that no one would support him and he would vanish into obscurity again as an old idealist maverick with his foolish ideas. Sadly for the establishment of the Labour party everything has back fired big time.

Yes you see society has been steadily getting more unequal over the last few years and although some will say the poor are not any worse off than they were; the point is the rich are getting much richer and gap between rich and poor continues to widen.  Well many ordinary folk who are not well off have seen a chance to vote for someone they can relate too, so many have paid their three pound to join the party in order to vote for Jeremy Corbyn the idealist left wing Maverick, which has now made the rest of the party who are all for maintaining the status quo in order to woo the middle classes and business to vote for them come the next General Election. One could argue at the cost of the principles of the Labour Party, but they say it is important to be in power or principles are pointless.  However thousands of ordinary folk are saying HANG ON if power is more important than principles then exactly why should we vote for you, I think we will all vote for that  Jeremy Corbyn the idealist Left wing Maverick.

We appear to now be getting to a point where suddenly certain folk are saying Mr Corbyn is a devil worshipping android monster from the planet Mars and keeps bees in jam jars. And once met a man who ate fish from Harrods.  So far the efforts to discredit Mr Corbyn have back fired and looking at it all from a long way off, it is not doing the Labour Party any good.

My advice is everyone stick to principles and tell those who will be voting what you stand for rather than worry about being in power, that will happen if you are a decent person and folk believe you.

Don’t politicians realise folk just don’t trust them to look after the masses rather than themselves. . . Well it appears at present there is one politician folk are prepared to trust. . . .     


  1. Hi human, Rob,

    Mr. Corbyn gets a big paws up from me. He speaks what other pawliticians dare not speak!

    Pawsitive wishes,


    1. He seems like a nice chap as far as I can tell

  2. I just found out an interesting tidbit, that the Labour party used to veer to the left and stand up for the working classes. Who'd have thought it?! And all the time, I though that they were an affiliation of the Tories!! (places tongue firmly back in cheek)

    At the moment, Corbyn is like a breath of fresh air. But even fresh air can become stale.

    1. His big big test will be if he wins, power does rather corrupt folk and I hope he is not too pushy. After all he has always been a bit of a maverick so he needs to respect that some of those that dont agree with him might also be a bit maverick.

      I still think I need to rule the world for a bit just to help out and tell folk to be nice to each other.