Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Poetry for Fairy Tales

Once upon a time
Dragons breathed Fire
And Knights were noble
And Princesses locked up, in a tall pointy Spire
(It was for their own good, and should be reintroduced).

Where serfs and servants
Had to walk about in the Mud
And Kings hit round tables
With a positive Thud.
Pursuing adventurous tasks
Hunting fleeces and Gold
Fighting huge one eyed monsters
Or so we are Told
And genetically modified beanstalks
Grew high up into the Sky
And up at the top were giants
Who said we are all doing to Die
(Not as in the End of the World on the 21st September 2015, more planning to eat us)

And wizards did spells
Getting swords stuck in a large Stone
Which once pulled out
Would let you sit on a Throne.
And pigs made houses
Out of straw wood or Brick
Annoying hungry honest wolves most intensely
To the point of feeling quite Sick

But those days have all gone . . . . . .  (although not on this Blog)
And folk now poke away at smart Phones
Annoying hobbit's on trains with rather irritating

Ring Tones.

The END. 

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