Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Kitchens, Ducks, Swallows and the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Today has been a big day in the revamped kitchen where much plastering and tweaking has taken place as we battle to try and finish everything. I am not that good at plastering OK I can get away with it in a house with wonky walls but not in a house with flat walls for fairly obvious reasons. So today Mr Chris the builder came to do plastering and between us we removed and adjusted some wiring. 

To add to the interest our little pond at the front of the house had a visit from a female mallard duck and her duckling that spent a bit of time stuffing themselves with pond weed. They were then joined by a large flock of swallows on the power cables in the field next door. Seeing swallows on mass is not a good sight because they tend to do this a week or so before they head south and they head south because they think Autumn is due, it seems a bit early to me but swallows know stuff.  So is nature predicting an early winter, I am not planning on predicting anything more this year after the Queen did not die and the Conservatives won the election. I know I did mention sort of mention the world is due to end on September 21st 2015 at 8.30am GMT, but I like to think of this as more fact than prediction. I mean all that conflict between diametrically opposing dimensions in space and time can only end in the end of something and after the election and the Queen it has all gone seriously wrong and that’s for sure.

Anyway I am rather knackered now and the rest of the night will involve being chilled followed by my re-enactment of The Creature from the Black Lagoon in the shower later where I will scare the glow in the dark plastic duck. I usually try and scare the Elvis plastic duck but he has worked out it is not the creature from the black lagoon but me, so he just thinks I Quackers . . . . . . HA AHAH ha hah ah ah a ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah h ahah ah a ha ha ha hah hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I have another very busy day tomorrow where I need to look like I know many things and will be nodding and pointing at stuff in a very knowing way while others nod and look like they know what I’m doing. When the reality is no one will know what’s going on but no one is going to admit that. So very much like the government really only none of us get paid loads of money (well I don’t although the others never say what they get).

Oooooo yes the solar panels manages 1540 kilowatts this quarter so impressive stuff.

Well that’s it for today I need to think of some big questions again and write something interesting, I can feel boredom creeping into the minds of the readers even as I type.    


  1. wait a minute... the end of the world? 21st of September? What is the reasoning for this? That's a monday right? At least it's not my day off! I'd hate to miss a day off - I get so few.

    Also, I am not happy to hear that winter is on it's way. I've only had one BBQ this year and at the very least, if we are going to have am early and long winter I think I deserve to have at least a couple more.

    The ducks were a nice touch, but there is far too much bad news in the world these day without the RZT blog making things worse!

    I need a lie down now.......

    1. I'm Sorry Mr H. . .All was well until I saw those ducks and them the day just got manic.

      As for the End of the World it is all to do with Einstein and multidimensional shift meaning we will all fall through time and space

    2. I'm off for a shower now so that should help.

  2. Better the Mallard and her little Mallettes, stuff themselves with pond weed, then someone else stuffing them with sage and onion stuffing.

    The world can't end on September 2015, I've got a party to go to. Can we reschedule it for November instead? About 5 members of my family are November born and the end of the world would save me spending quite a bit of cash.

    1. I'm not entirely sure it is possible just to shift the End of the World about Miss Lily. But I will have words with folk in the know ans see what I can do. It might be best not to tell folk that I might be able to shift the timing of the End of the World or I could be inundated with conflicting requests and that only leads to a dodgy Labour Party leader election.