Friday, 13 January 2012

Venus and their fleet of alien battle cruisers and hideous things in small boxes

As many of you know I have more than one portal between reality and cyberspace and various discussions in various places, it is all to do with the multidimensional universe and the like. So as lots of you will also know last night I was talking about Venus and their fleet of alien battle cruisers that are due this year appearing over the horizon in a large formation of menacing humming battle cruisers. What with 2012 being the end of the World and stuff like that which I have also mentioned before?

Now I was watching the sky minding my own business today when I noticed this large dark cloud drifting from the horizon and I thought to myself, that is just the sort of cloud a large fleet of Venusian ???? battle cruisers would hide behind to sneak up on a poor unsuspecting History teacher. So in order to warn the poor unsuspecting History teacher, I shouted look out  sir duck; they have got a death ray sir. Well the History teacher leap off his chair and was lying under the desk along with most of the class some of whom were very silly and screamed a lot. Luckily on this occasion it was a false alarm, and although the teacher did hit his head a bit hard when he tried to get up to fast after I told him the alien spacecraft were not hiding behind the big black cloud. He was only slightly concussed, and there was only a small amount of blood when he accidently stood on the hand of the girl at the front of the class while he staggered a bit from being concussed. And if she had not of screamed again and accidently dropped her ipad thing out of the window then the headmaster would not have had to go to hospital.

I have always been told beware of black clouds and you can see why they bring nothing but trouble.

The dog says that the aliens have already started to invade planet earth he says they have managed to secretly hide in small boxes full of compost and that unsuspecting humans are watering them each day with mist sprayers oblivious of the hideous creatures that might emerge. The dog insists they look like some sort of fungi, mushroom sort of thing. I think the dog is mad who would be silly enough to water a box of compost everyday to grow hideous fungi/mushroom looking monsters …………………………. …….AH. Mum just said IDIOT again 


  1. My sad prediction for the year is that they will change the flavor of dog biscuits and then my dog Cooper will become dissatisfied in his role as man's best friend and switch to being woman's best friend. He will think its my fault and yet I didn't change the recipe and I didn't know anything about it as I of course never taste them. And if I started to taste them sometime in the future after the recipe had been changed I still wouldn't understand his departure in friendship. Its just so sad, so very very sad.

  2. Dog biscuits are OK to eat a bit bland and better in dogs than humans, but then to the invading creatures of Venus we humans are merely dog biscuits. They will not eat dogs they are too hairy, I cant confirm that last bit by the way I think it may be wishful thinking on the part of the dog.