Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The storm and the genetically modified silkworms

It was a truly grey wet day today with a wild wind blowing and most of nature with its head down hiding. Even I tried that today because it was the first day back at school and doing geometry with a persistent westerly gale force 10 blowing means all my shapes leaned to the left. Maybe this explains the leaning tower of Pisa,

As it happened the geography teacher was able to help us test this theory, so at lunch time the class built three Leaning Towers of Pizza from School Pizza; one built at the angle as a result of windswept blue prints, one built on unstable ground and one built true but in a particularly windy location. And what this experiment proved is it was hellish windy today, because all the Towers of Pizzas blew away like Frisbee’s, confusing a passing little old lady you was convinced that planet earth was being invaded by small cheese eating aliens. She was last seen shouting TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER at what appeared to be the squadron leader pizza ( I think it was the thick crusty edge that did it, and the extra anchovies.)

Esmeralda said she had a great Christmas and particularly enjoyed climbing down chimneys too shout at young children you have been very naughty and your not getting any presents this year then scurrying back up the chimney leaving the house covered in soot. She gave her parents a life size painting of herself this Christmas, and said they were so pleased they ran round the house screaming and waving their arms about.

On his way home the Ghost writer called in, he said he spent the day in the grey office and it was so grey outside it was difficult to work out where the wall ended and the window started, resulting in him accidently storing several PC’s three feet to far to the south. He said the dent in the car was only smallish as his office is only on the second floor and it was a rusty car anyway. Then on the wireless tonight we heard that they have created genetically modified silkworms that can spin silk so strong that now they will be able to make bullet prove kites. Something we will all find extremely useful in the years to come.

Apparently the main draw back to the new super strong silk is that it is so strong that it is difficult to remove the silkworm from the end of the silk strands and there is little demand for a silk shirt covered in little wriggling silk worms singing I’m too sexy for your shirt. Mum has said IDIOT now

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