Friday, 6 January 2012

A meal out at the house of The Phantom of the Opera

It was a very quiet day at school today but before I left to go to school dad was trying to put up an IKEA lamp above the dinning table. The thing about IKEA stuff is it sort of good but very frustrating, and it appears that according to dad the lamp he has bought was designed for a room with a ceiling greater than ten foot. OK we do live in a 1970’s bungalow and the ceiling is about eight foot six inches but that is fairly normal for a British ceiling. Still by the time I got home all was well again and the lamp even works.

 We are off for a meal tonight to Miss Tiggy and Mr Chris the Phantom of the Opera so as a final little job we have painted things blue before we go. The sun was out and about again today for a bit so that is two days on the trot (almost spring).  Where does this so many days on the trot saying come from anyway it is very confusing to a young simple mind like myself or even the old knackered grumpy mind of the Ghost Writer who has shouted BAH HUMBUG.

Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop is rather busy, so it seems but is also getting more that it’s far share of grumpy customers. It really is not the place to be grumpy, as Mr Beelzebub says they can be as grumpy as they like in a few years time when they come to see him on a more permanent basis   

Ok that is about that for tonight because we will be going off to have a good time in the hills near Monty. Sorry this is not very exciting but as I have said a lot lately it is the dark days of winter.

Todays Sky from the Earth Picture

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