Friday, 27 January 2012

The famous Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel and the best selling book "How to disguise yourself as a traffic cone"

We had a lovely meal last night which was a nice distraction from today’s Double Maths, English, Fluid Mechanics,  Micro Entomology, Latin, History (the Etruscan alphabet), Welding and finally Organic Gardening and our gardening teachers pet subject (Eating for Free on the central reservation of the M6). He only makes us do this because he wrote the book he also wrote “A life of freedom on the grass verges of Motorways”, and the best selling “How to disguise yourself as a traffic cone”. Mums views are very clear as every parent evening she calls him an IDIOT.   

Starting the day with double maths and the famous Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel was a great way to scramble the best of minds but as the dog points out at least we never did The Grand Hotel Cigar Mystery calculations so PHEW.

The Ghost Writer who is here at present says he had to deal with the Infinite config error code on his managers network computer and was given at least no time at all to fix it and then had to spend all day ensuring that the network was capable of withstanding a brutal cyber attack from a large man with a sledge hammer who thought Bill Gates was the man who charged him a small fortune to repair his gate which fell off again only two days later. As he says (the Ghost Writer not the man with the sledge hammer) give a infinite number of human beings an infinite number of computers, the complete works of Shakespeare and a copy of The Idiots Guide to Word Processing; lock them all in Hilbert's infinite Grand Hotel and within a infinite time none of them will be able to produce anything written by a chimpanzee. Mum has called the Ghost Writer an IDIOT as well now.

Interesting enough someone only the other day was saying they thought a chimpanzee could write my diary, but as I pointed out I hate banana’s and don’t don’t go Ooooo Oooooo Ooooooo a lot …………. AH maybe I do go Oooooo a lot

Ooooo by the way, No only kidding HA HAH HAHAhha ha ha hah ah ahhah hahah hahhahahhahhah hah hh haha hhahhah hahahaha  


  1. I admit to being more confused than usual.

    I'm blaming the left over remains of flu, on my cognitive failure.

  2. All I can say today is 'What?'
    It is late and maybe there is something wrong and tomorrow I can say 'Oh.'
    But for now it is 'What?'

  3. In order not to repeat myself loads which I worry I might do and probably do do. I have added "Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel" I think you need to Google that really there is a fair amount of stuff on it. Then I have written a twist of the theory about a infinite universe with a infinite number of chimpanzees sat in front of type writers. Which states that in theory one of them would write the complete works of Shakespeare on the basis of the law of probabilities.

    Then by adding in the days events and transposing them in the Ghost Writers head you end up with my diary entry. I am sure that it will all now be very clear ....... Although mum has said IDIOT so maybe not