Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The bird table and the scarecrow

As part of the great mushroom race I have moved my mushroom kit to a warmer place, I think possibly they have been a bit cooler than required during cold days and nights so they are now in the office. It now means that once they start to grow they will be able to assist me with my diary. One thing that I don’t think all those involved realize yet is that some folk had brown mushrooms and some white, although it should not make a different to growing times.

After a quiet day at school day dreaming and making pigeon sounds at the pigeons, (maybe I shouldn’t write that or mum will go ……………AH. Mum has just shouted IDIOT) I decided it was time to build a bird table. Just in case, and for the benefit of my international readers that’s a table that birds go to eat food on, not a table made with birds. In the UK there are not enough large birds about to make a table with, thinking about it that may not be true we do have turkeys, swans and geese. Our neighbour has got some white geese now who like to shout at Sooty the Cat, who in turn likes to run away from them very fast, so maybe our neighbour is planning to make a table out of birds.

OK right; enough of this distraction what I am saying is that I made a bird table in the dark I think it is OK but as it was made in the dark, I don’t really know yet, and I think I have got a few small things to do before it is finished, but it does have food on it so in the morning it will be a bit of a surprise for the birds. It is loosely based on an old Welsh bird scaring device that fell into disuse back in the twelfth centenary when it was discovered all the birds were landing on it and laughing. Much as they do these days with scarecrows, which seem to scare people more than birds particularly crows who make scarecrows look even scarier when they sit on them. 

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