Thursday, 24 November 2011

The wind howling in the trees, cats and door handles.

I am rather late tonight; the Ghost Writer has been on an epic trip to Brecon to work on a computer network which has not been happy. Then he was able to scavenge a load of wood, well old bits of desk as it happens which he thought we could use on the fire. Anyway as he put it, he is well knackered as Brecon is further away now and he had quite a lot of wood in the car.

Tonight has been rather interesting because it has been quite windy. We are not used to hearing the wind howling over the house because Montgomery was so sheltered, but it is quite a nice sound and mixes well with the call of the banshee’s, who can now swirl right over the house without leaving the wood.

The Ghost Writer tried to get some sense out of BT tonight, seeing how he is this wizzo IT man only the man in India said it is far too early to speculate on the broadband because it is very windy and the cross winds blow the signals out of the wires. And of course the Owls clutch at the wires to hang on in the wind which is a know cause of restricted bandwidth, Owls have a very strong grip in order to catch little critters.

I am on my regulation health MOT so I am not allowed to eat anything until after they have sucked loads of blood out of me in the morning. I asked mum about this but she said it is a good little earner for the surgery so they like to do health MOT’s, as long as you’re not sick then they tend to avoid you. No one wants sick people hanging about in your local doctors or we will all end up sick. Anyway as I said I am not allowed cream cakes and chip butties until at least ten in the morning, just when I fancy a cream cake and a chip buttie or is it Butty I don’t know and all I’m allowed is water ….. YUK

Sooty the Cat has now gone walkabout in the wind, so hopefully he will be back soon he is not used to the wind howling in the trees and wild creatures howling at the wind. Both Sooty the Cat and Harry the Cat are due to get a cat flap soon, although the dog recons if they cant open a door like everyone else it is their own fault if they spend the night outside. He can see no reason why an animal domesticated thousands of years ago like cats has so many problems with a simple door handle. 

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