Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Good old BT. The Red Kite and the Lemmings of Petrograd

Well good old BT who said they were rubbish, it not true they are really nice blokes particularly those very nice men in the Indian call centre who managed too frighten the owls and crows off the lines. They said they would, and true to their word, they have. Well either them or the Red Kite which was hunting in the field next to the house.  The dog said it’s a known fact that BT use Red Kites to improve broadband.

Yes according to the dog Red kites are very cheap to run as they will work for a few rodents and maybe some macaroni cheese on Sundays and can fly quietly along the telephone wires for miles. So any critters sat on the lines causing the slow broadband can be shifted quickly and efficiently. The only critters who are bolshie enough to stand their ground are the Lemmings of Petrograd who will shout better dead than Red at the Red Kites. Their saving grace is that they are rubbish on the high wire (I know that’s true, I have never seen a high wire act with Lemmings at a circus) and in shouting at the Red Kite they invariably fall off the line anyway. Falling is something the Lemmings are good at, as they are well practiced.  

We also have the second cat flap now in the outer back door for Heavy Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat as we found the jigsaw, so now they can wander in and out as they please, or sit in front of the radiator all day instead as Heavy Harry has decided to do. He also insists that he wishes to use the front door so we are still opening and closing doors for the cats

Dad has now hidden the tiger skin rug or as he puts it What tiger skin rug; never seen one in my life and what’s a tiger anyway, we will have none of that real fur stuff in this house unless it is joined at the seams and full of organs and roars a bit.

OK I am off now to eat my tea (dinner) it is a round tea tonight as all the component parts are round. Round meals are good but then so are square meals or for that matter any shaped meal as long as there is loads YUM….

The broadband is OK now but has been a ............


  1. All this chopping and changing of templates, about as often as I change my underwear, is leaving my head in a spin.

    Still, I can now leave comments (I know, sucks for you) and I don't have to change browswers... which was also as much as I changed my underwear.

    But are you happy with the change Rob Z? (about the template, not my underwear) As I recall, the dynamic views proved much more advantageous for you in terms of pageviews.

  2. Well Miss Lily the advantages of pageviews are really all an illusion as I don't believe them when in the new super duper dynamic template. Yes my diary may be the the work of a mad genius, well mad anyway. But what I really would like is my diary published in a good old fashioned book with pages made of paper and a nice solid cover with a picture of a pirate and an armadillo and a dog talking in Latin.

    But to achieve a book needs someone to read the diary who is in the trade of publishing, however they read books not blogs so I am doomed to the blog forever. Still in the end it will be the longest blog in the world in terms of words cos I am like that.

    Are you sure Miss Lily that you should be discussing your underwear on the the blog of a young slightly eccentric child who knows nothing of underwear ..... No that's not right ...... Knows nothing of changing underwear ...... That sounds wrong too and mum has said IDIOT now and told me off for talking about someone's underwear on my blog

    When you talk of changing Browsers surely in the light of the subject matter (underwear) you mean Trousers ..... HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha hah hah hahah hahah hhahah ha....