Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Christmas Fair and Badger Wine

We have been to the Lydham Christmas fair today. Now Lydham is small, very small, where we lived previously was not big but Montgomery has a square a town hall, shops and stuff and by its very design when you go out you bump  into folk chat and in general takes two hours to get a pint of milk. Lydham does have a shop it sells healthy vegetarian stuff which mum says is great but me dad and the dog prefer a big bacon roll with cheese and marsh mallows. You cant get one here.

OK the Christmas fair was in the church, and we were at first greeted with a suspicious if friendly smile, after all this is not the sort of place or event that vast numbers of strangers turn up at. But then they realized we were in fact the new folk at the classic 70’s bungalow on the edge of the village. I say edge of the village, but really everyone is on the edge here. It appears that everyone that lives here knows our house well, and have been to it many times over the years to see the nice little old lady who used to live here.

It also appears that one of the ladies of the village knows mum because she regularly visits Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop back in the hidden crevasses of Montgomery. Where as you all know mum regularly helps out.  We think that we have now been accepted into the community as we were good enough to go to the local little Christmas fair. Mum did think there was maybe a little to much Badger in the mulled wine but the dog likes Badger and after a while told everyone they were his best mates in all the world this included Heavy Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat, so we decided he must be drunk.

We have been unpacking stuff from boxes, WOW there is a lot of stuff in some of these boxes and we are running out of bookcases so there are plans for another expedition to explore the wonders of IKEA once more next week for more bookcases. The dog told the bookcases they were the best bookcases in all the world and that he would read all the books so they are happy. Mum said IDIOT but the dog said you’re my best mate you are before going out to search for more Badger wine in the woods.

Mum and dad have pointed out that by starting in a new house with this much stuff means there is no need to buy more stuff; although we are having to buy things to put the stuff in. Apparently according to dad all these strange little quirky things of no monetary value will in a thousand years time be worthless strange little quirky things and therefore are worth having as no one else will look after them. He has a point, although it is a rusty blunt one of no value H HA HAH HAH HAH hah hah ha ha hah hah ha ha ha ha ………… Mum said IDIOT again.

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