Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chaos Theory, The laws of Reasoned Logic and the Room of Doom

I HAVE RETURNED……. Yes I am back just……. We are living in one of those sliding block puzzles where in order to get something, assuming anyone knows where it is; we need to move boxes. Yes I’m afraid it’s true the story is still full of boxes, much like the house. The only good thing is there is no pressure of emptying them………… Sort of?

I say sort of, because there is loads of good stuff in the boxes and we need it, I cant entirely remember exactly what it is that is in them, but it was all good stuff before it went in a box, so it must still be good stuff. 

Sadly we have lost the Pit of Doom and the Grumbling Child, but for now we have gained The Room of Doom where stuff goes when no one can remember where it should go, or the place it should go is still full of boxes with stuff in. I did say that it was a bit chaotic but the dog says that if he does the mathematics to see if it really is chaos, then it is not; as Chaos Theory would not lead to a logical outcome and according to the dog in five years time the new house will comply with The laws of Reasoned Logic (five years ……….AH). Mum says the dog is being pessimistic because it can’t find the box with the bones in.

We seem to be surrounded by twenty thousand Pheasants, loads of Chickens, a couple of Pigs. Cows, Sheep, and even a load of Ducks flew over earlier tonight, much to the amusement of the dog who shouted DUCK….. I did but mum said IDIOT.

So far the house has had mixed reaction as it does resemble the classic 70’s bungalow, but it is something of a maze and I have got lost a couple of times now. Anyway it will change in time, into something a little more interesting.  

Heavy Harry the Cat and Sooty the Cat are on holiday in kennels in order to ensure they don’t do a runner as cats are fickle beasts at the best on times and some things they just don’t like. This includes moving house, they do need to know the sofa is not about to change rooms again or else they say O  ******** NO, I'M OFF.

Anyway is good to be back ………………  


  1. Looks like I'm about one week behind you in the moving stakes Rob. although for some reason i have one less wall than i started with when i started to box things up. im sure it will turn up but for now you have my sympathies. i hate moving homes...

  2. Thank You Miss Lily, I see you have mastered the art of comments, I suspect this may have involved naughty words best not said in front of the Lil Man. Or maybe the classic lines of 1970's bungalows are more responsive to the ways of cyberspace that a building as old as old can be which was our previous home.

    Yicks Mr Bumferry you are a brave man. Just one tip Don't get the help of Seagulls they don't have a glue. Oooooo Yes catch fish, eat chips faster than a man in a Kiss me Quick hat on Drugs, but when it comes to the logistics of moving stuff from A to B they are rubbish.

    Good luck with the wall I am sure you will bump into it again soon.
    take care both