Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hurricane Irene, Bill Gates and the Windows Vista disaster.......

I think several of my American friends have been keeping their heads down as hurricane Irene worked its way up the east coast of America. I’m sure they don’t normally go as far up the coast as New York and beyond (hurricanes not friends) but I may be wrong. It was very sunny and peaceful here first thing but has got grey and dull and wet as the day went on. Still hardly the same is it.

I was back in the cellar today sorting out stuff. The Ghost Writer appears to have loads of old computer bits in our cellar, this is dads fault he said to the Ghost Writer once he could store stuff and so the Ghost Writer has. It appears he has every old computer and spare part he has ever worked on down there and so he came to come and help me and Mercedes and the dog sort it all out. For a start off no one uses Windows 3.1.1 anymore or Windows 95 or for that matter Windows 98, Windows Millennium just was no good and as for Windows Vista well it was rubbish. That Mr Bill Gates may be a very nice man (I assume he is a very nice man) but what was going on in his head when he thought of Vista. I like being in the Cyber world of Windows XP or Windows 7, but to tell the truth the Ghost Writer is old and not good at change so we tend to stay in the world of XP. Mum has just said no one is interested except possibly Bill Gates and a few geeks so get on with it.

Anyway all this clearing is all part of the hopeful move of mouse, sorry house mice don’t like moving they get very attached to their surroundings. Myself and Mercedes did spend some time in the cellar going UGGGGGH LIGHT BULB, UGGGGGH WOODLICE and UGGGGGH SPIDER until mum said IDIOTS. But it is a very long holiday and it is difficult to completely fill it up with doing stuff all the time. The dog thinks this is rubbish and we should fill our empty moments with maths.

The dog has decided that he needs to find out just now much rubbish the human race generates. His first preliminary results have indicated that the humans have created a pile of rubbish the same weight as the equivalent of every human being that has ever lived plus most of the Dinosaurs and Ducks with the possible exclusion of male Pintail ducks. The dog said if all the rubbish was put in one pile in the centre of London or Washington it would be really messy and smell YUK, mum has added IDIOT again.

As you can tell by all the rambling I have done tonight, (words not walking about), not much happened today…… at home anyway 

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