Sunday, 14 August 2011

Harley Davidson’s, the Sabre Toothed Tiger and Che Guevara

Me and Jim and Mercedes went off to look at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very strange Victorian Curiosity Shop in fact he had a busy day because both Miss Fionaski  the famous Russian spy and a big group of bikers from one of the Hells Angels chapters up in the North of England also came to visit Mr Beelzebub.

I was able to take some photos of the bikes they were really cool Harley Davidson’s although some of them must take a lot of polishing as there was loads of chrome on most of them. It is funny because a lot of people thought they were going to be nasty (the bikers not the bikes) but they were all very nice people and said they had all ridden down from Nottingham and had come to Montgomery for a walk round the castle and a nice cup of tea and a cream cake and to say hello to Mr Beelzebub before they all went home.

the best of the bike pictures I took today

Jim and his film crew went to Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very strange Victorian Curiosity Shop to see if he had any stuffed animals because all curiosity shops usually do. They were a bit surprised by the Woolly Mammoth, Sabre Toothed Tiger, Giant Sloth and several Dinosaurs etc but the Mr Beelzebub’s shop has everything in it somewhere although he is not great at cataloguing stuff as he says the devil makes work for idol hands but as he is the devil he is allowed to be a bit idol and as he also points out in some Countries they even make idols of him although he says it makes no difference its all in the mind at the end of the day (or was it the end of time).

Mercedes was interested in some left wing propaganda but was a bit confused as Mr Beelzebub showed her a half scale model of the Taj Mahal made with copies of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, this confused Mercedes a bit and she was going to say IDIOT but I did tell her Nelson Beelzebub is not really the right person to say that too. Mr Beelzebub just smiled and showed Mercedes and the Bikers Che Guevara's motorbike from his 1952 trip across South America, now restored to mint condition.  After all that we all set off home and finished the day at a strange party eating cake and cheese and talking about the BBC. 

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  1. Wow Robby, nice pic! Harley Davidson Company is actually headquartered in my new home of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson would be quite pleased with your photo!