Sunday, 20 March 2011

This is me!/profile.php?id=100001428084513

I have put a link to my Facebook page, I am sure there must be clever ways to do this but I am not clever

Ah time does pass and I have more knowledge and understanding of the ways of blogs now, I am still not an expert but I manage to get by

Things you need to know about me,

I am the eccentric child of cyberspace, but I am also a grumpy old chap. and part time IT guru (a rubbish one so no questions OK) and I make things out of cardboard from time to time. I formed and run the Monty Cardboard Robot Club which is still rather a small group to say the least. And I have a blogging group called RATs The Radical Abstract Thinkers. . . . . and am always on the lookout for new members but only certain bloggers will ever make it because it is all about the way they think and use their blog.

I am a terrible speller and a just as bad at typing not a good combination, but I do enjoy writing my quirky diary which is written as a sort of book (well in my mind it is) and my plan is too reach one million words, at the time of writing this I am at 400, 000 but have hit a sort of writers blog. As an ordinary chap living in he rural hills of the English Welsh borders keeping my diary amusing is starting to get tough and I need a break, but I am a stubborn beast so we will see.

Ooooo yes I have an album written and performed by myself in about 2000, most of the copies of which are in a room a few feet away. But I have been told its OK a sort of odd blues thing mainly and which I sold on the internet as the worlds most expensive album for £125.oo which is why I still have most of the copies, these days I sell it for £5.oo but don't advertise it anywhere.

So there you go  

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