Monday, 7 March 2011

Social political economic structure, armadillo's and a good Russian film

Mum came with us on the school bus this morning as she was going into town to run Napoleon Beelzebub’s shop so she was dressed in scary Goth, She told all the pupils to be very very quiet and do their homework or else. The bus driver asked if mum would come on the bus everyday, she had Pirate Pete with her to help in the shop. He was waving his cutlass at the pupils too.

I had told all my friends the other day that Pirate Pete liked to send children up chimney’s so once he waved his cutlass at them he was scary too although not as scary as mum.  They didn’t go home on the bus so we all made loads of noise going home.

We were talking about the break up of the soviet block in school to tell the truth I started to daydream a bit because it got a bit dull after a while, I think that was one of the reasons the soviet block actually broke up. Dad recons that all dull oppressive empires, dictators or governments are always overthrown in the end and the trick is to be happy cheery and ensure that everyone has free access to the circus and lots of good food to choose from; a warm cosy home and lots of trees and armadillo’s.  Dad says the decadent Western societies are every bit as unfair as every other Social political economic structure that has ever existed and Russia, USA, France and China etc are more unfair than ever. He says one day I will lead the great revolution that will lead to equality for all and a trip to the circus once a month and free range happy armadillo’s. Mum says IDIOT not sure if she means dad’s great plan or me leading the great revolution. Maybe I will have to try and listen to the teacher next time we talk about the break up of the soviet block. I do know one thing about it its aeroplanes are rubbish. Or was it there is a lot of rubbish in the aeroplanes, or maybe it was the in flight entertainment, not sure I fancy some of those old Russia propaganda films on a plane.

I am now at just on 76,000 words in my diary and I am now not sure if I am doing things I have done before, according to dad this is what happens to you as you get older and write more than you can remember what you have written.  I am sure dad has told me about the revolution in the past but maybe he has not I will have to wait until the block buster movie of the book to find out. That’s not the Soviet Block buster movie of the book, well I don’t think so anyway. I was rather hoping to go to Hollywood not Siberia

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