Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Jim's wildlife documentary, Captain Flint the parrot, and Red Nose Day

I got a letter from Jim this morning, he is planning to come back to the wood to do a documentary with his American film crew on its wildlife. I sent him letter last week to tell him about the Dark Creature of the Undergrowth and the Banshee’s. He did put in his letter that he is not sure about including them in the documentary because it will turn it into a horror movie.

Well that’s sounds much more fun to me than a wildlife documentary and the banshee’s will be well upset if they don’t get to be in the documentary. The dog says he should be in it as well because he likes to spent time in the woods pretending to be a giant man eating mutant wolf with big scary teeth and red eyes. I tried to point out to the dog he does not have to pretend he is a giant man eating mutant wolf with big scary teeth and red eyes, although I don’t think he has eaten any men; I did ask him but he says he can’t remember.  Maybe that David Atom bloke will come back again with Jim; he was well excited by the woods last time

Anyway Jim wants to film the family of Dodo’s the Porcupines and some of the other unique creatures of the wood (not the scary ones) and hopes to come over in the summer holidays as long as we have not all turned into glow in the dark zombies that go Grrrrr Ug and stuff like that.

Mum and dad were listening to the wireless at teatime (Curry YUM) and we heard they are trying to drop water on the nuclear power station from a helicopter and spray it with fire hoses; not the helicopter but the nuclear power station. Mum who was a nuclear scientist as well as a spy, (well double agent) and produces artwork she sells for millions of pounds, said IDIOTS in fact she said it quite a lot during the news.

Captain Flint the parrot has taken to wearing a safety hat now and is stock piling Brazil nuts in his cage just in case.  On a more cheery note it will be Red Nose Day on Friday so it is traditionally a non uniform day at school so I will have to think of something to wear I might go in fancy dress that would be really cool. I told mum and dad I could wear my glow in the dark red nose, but they said by Friday everyone’s nose could be a glow in the dark red nose. COOL; mum said IDIOT again.

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