Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The first hints of Autumn, Brexit and possible issues with Vampires

It’s August, about two thirds of the way through. What is somewhat worrying is that it is starting to feel like Autumn, surely that is not meant to happen yet it should be the height of summer . . . Pesky Weather.

Now in the last couple of days we have had a young Hedgehog scurrying about eating any bird seed in the early evening that the birds had missed during the day. We also have some posy hedgehog food that I have put out and it seems to like it. In the past this was not possible as Harry the Cat (who died) would eat the lot and tended to look at Hedgehogs with his grumpy face. So they would run off. Sooty the Cat (who has gone mad), is a happy critter has no interest in hedgehogs or the posh hedgehog food, so this little critter is making the most of it. Interestingly Sooty the Cat is putting weight on at present now that he is the Alpha Male Cat. Mainly because he is the only cat, but I don’t think he has worked that out yet.

We are keeping our heads down at present; it is reaching peak holiday time with the August Bank Holiday next weekend so there are Pesky Kids everywhere. I say everywhere that is not entirely true there are no Pesky Kids at our end of our tiny village and those at the other end are kept in caves until school starts again. It’s a quiet tiny village and folk like it like that. It may sound hard but one day those kids will appreciate the skills they are learning in those caves.

Talking of caves the bats are active and although not vampire bats folk like to stay on the safe side so are wandering about with garlic hanging around their necks. I have pointed out that in a No Deal Brexit garlic will no longer be easy to get hold of so some folk are panic buying garlic. They say they would rather face the disapproving glare of the local shop assistant than face an angry Vampire in the dark of night. Particularly as August this year has gone all Autumny and the evenings are getting darker all the time. So Vampires will be wandering the streets at the same time as the local WI society head home after one of their meetings. The thought of a gang of Vampire WI women prowling the streets and woodland at night is a scary prospect indeed.

Well that’s it, it is dark so I am off for a cup of tea. The doors are locked and I have rubbed garlic on the cat flap just in case, because after all a chap can’t be too cautious.


  1. Your little village sounds delightful - mostly because there are no Pesky Kids. I'm thinking of stocking up on garlic... just in case it becomes one of those things I can sell to those desperate enough to pay big bucks... in light of the Brexit thingy... hehehehe

    Anyhow, on a side note...

    I'm making the rounds. I hope you're well and keeping busy.

    Since coming back to do a little blogging I've notice many blogs have not updated their blog URL to the HTTPS setting.

    This means your site address currently shows as NOT SECURE - it's a quick fix though.

    In Blogger Settings, under Basics, you'll see HTTPS Redirect - click on Yes (No is the default) once done your site will be secure and the lock symbol will show up in your URL address.

    I’m sharing this with blogs I enjoy visiting.

    I wrote this POST about it.

    Cheers, Jenny
    Pearson Report

    1. OK sorted Cheers . . . .and all is well and our little village is a very peaceful place in general. Maybe slightly more traffic that we would all like, but they tend to pass through as there is no reason to stop as we have hidden all the good bits.

    2. Yes!!! You are secure. Party time! Where's the garlic. LOL

      Ah, hidden the good bits, eh... well, should I ever venture over to that part of the globe I hope those good bits go well with garlic. I will be bring it with. hahaha

    3. OOooo sorry for the delay in responding the sun came out and a chap needs to make the most of the sun here in Britain. In fact the reason I am here today is the sun has run off again and it rained . . . . . Pesky weather (again).

      It is good to know all is secure although I'm not sure anyone would be interested in attacking a rambling mad blog about life in the hills of shropshire.

      We are fast approaching BREXIT and that means no one will be allowed to visit Britain soon. We seem to be becoming anti everyone. Not sure why that has happened, there are lots of angry folk about.

  2. I have not figured out that I am the Alpha Cat yet either. Maybe its because I don't reaLLy read much news. I read headlines all the time, but I don't read the articles. That sounds like a sum thing that Alpha Cats would do.

    I am cooking buffalo and sausage (mixed) at the moment. There was a sale so I wound up with 3 pounds instead of 2, so the ratio is not 50:50 as usual but 66:33 in favor of buffalo. There was the buzzer, so the meat is done. The dogs will be happy now.