Saturday, 7 May 2016

Poetry for Nonconformists

The pring and the molly
The glong and the kolly
Fring spilled a grum guff to a fell in the huff
And when the gool himpty
Set sail to ruft hiffey
Swell the ben muskible and dell mit the kruel
So beware the Glam subble its eye in a huggle
Twen arched yell san double as it sings in the sea
And never say grembolly wit needle a quill low
Or the beasty will bite, and it bites like a crow
So if ye see a small crock of them
Sclipped in a large crubble
Take to the hills
And hide in
The fubble

With Thanks to My old pal Mr Charlie who inspired
An extra little Poem 

A Bear walks into an Isobar
With an allegory on a lead
And a doggerel following
Somewhere behind
And he says to the Barman
A pint of metaphors for me
And the doggerel
Will have
A nice cup of



  1. How often is your tea not nice?

    1. I do like my tea very weak, very milky so that it is almost white in colour and with sugar. Very few folk can make it weak enough so surprisingly enough it is not nice when ever I drink tea in a strange place which means I tend to drink Hot Chocolate in strange places rather than tea.

  2. Ooh, I left a rather clever comment on here this morning, but it seems that the Gods of Blogger did not take too kindly to my witty asides. Now I can't remember the clever thing that the Gods of Blogger did not take too kindly to in the first place.

    That first poem was very Lewis Carroll Mr Z and I enjoyed it immensely. What language is that? Swahili?

    1. Language . . I think you know me by now Miss Lily it is the Language of Poetry it makes rhyming easier but it is harder to do that it appears. Well I think it is maybe everyone else will say . . . . .NAAAAA that is easy LOOK I did one. . . .

      Comments can be a bit of a pain getting lost. But at least with poetry you will find that the all new Wordpress blog should be available to view at

      Rob Z Tobor