Monday, 2 January 2012

The multidimensional multidirectional, computer program for the Open University and the demise of Chocolate Santa

I have noticed Miss Fionaski is at stage two of the mushroom growing competition; well I guess if you are a Russian Spy then you need to be efficient. I am not efficient and can’t remember where I put mine which are on stage one still. DAM I know it is not far away though.

I also met Mrs Judith the teacher today who thought the greenhouse glowing was a cyber-story and not a real one, so I had to explain it was a real story and it really did glow in the dark. I sure she thinks I’m Mad now

Then later on our old friends Mr Nigel and Miss Loraine came to visit us, it has been a long time since we have seen them. But as the dog says these things happen sometimes, it is all to do with the lines of force we each generate and how they interact. It is very difficult to maintain a large number of interacting forces and so what will happen is some will be broken as a result of other interacting lines of force.  It can get very complex, so it seems. According to the dog we all part of single natural interlaced primeval force working as a multidimensional  multidirectional, computer program and part of an  Open University project for He Who Must be Obeyed. Dad is hoping this is not true as he has never had much luck with the Open University; they never really forgave him after his experiment with the Steam Powered Fast Reacting Sewage Compressor.

Sorry distracted again as I was saying it was really nice to see Mr Nigel and Miss Loraine and they have now headed back out into the dark.

One very sad event today was the demise of Chocolate Santa and not as you might expect. We had to go out for a couple of hours to do stuff (bit of this, bit of that. See a man about a dog etc …..Not our dog or any dog really, but you know what I mean …….. I hope). So Chocolate Santa was sat on the table in the dinning room and when we got back he was a puddle in his box, It wasn’t that hot (OK it was in the window of the dinning room) after all it is January; anyway Chocolate Santa is now Chocolate Puddle and in the fridge turning into Chocolate ice rink.