Saturday, 14 January 2012

Morozko (Jack Frost), Mushrooms, a pig-driven sleigh, a box full of crows and the Aliens

Well it was one hell of a cold day today everything covered in frost all the trees in the woods white. And that reminds us  all of the traditional Russian fairy tale of Morozko or Jack Frost to you and me. As we all know in this Russian tale we meet father Frost (Jack Frost) and also Father and Mother Mushroom and the wicked step sister who has too return home on a pig-driven sleigh, with a box full of crows as a dowry.

Well I don’t know about you but having discussed last night the impending doom of mankind who are due to be eaten by alien mushroom creatures from the planet Venus grown by unsuspecting innocent members of the public and famous Russian spies. Today we have severe frost reminding us of a Russian fairy tale with Mr and Mrs Mushroom in it, very suspicious indeed. On top of that in the fairy tale it is the wicked step sister who gets to return home on the pig-driven sleigh, with a box full of crows ……. WELL COOL. 

And what is even more suspicious is the front security lamp on our classic 1970’s bungalow will not go off, well that has never happened before. The dog thinks we have been surrounded by huge mushroom creatures and that we must sacrifice the cats, Heavy Harry and Sooty for the greater good. He says that these Huge alien Mushroom creatures are a bit upset by the fact I have so far failed in my efforts to grow their comrades, and note the word comrades there that has a certain sort of old Russian twang to it. I have told Mum, dad, the dog, the cats and Captain Flint the Parrot I will go and negotiate with the large alien Mushrooms and see if I can get a pig-driven sleigh, with a box full of crows like the wicked step sister in the fairy tale. Mum has said IDIOT and has told me not to mention mushroom omelettes in my diary either……………………………….AH. 


  1. I am confused, but maybe only by a possible missing comma. Your blog title is:

    "Morozko (Jack Frost), Mushrooms a pig-driven sleigh, with a box full of crows and the Aliens"

    and I was wondering if there was s'pposed to be a comma after the word Mushrooms, as:

    "Morozko (Jack Frost), Mushrooms, a pig-driven sleigh, with a box full of crows and the Aliens"

    Your comma-mentary would be helpful.

  2. Well spotted I will correct this in a bit after some Tea and Halva

  3. That was close, in my confusion I thought I was entering a comma induced state of being. I should reaLLy leave the house soon and enjoy the nice day by walking in the park, 56 F outside, very little wind.

  4. -3c hear right now so cold and dark but the error is now corrected ........ I make a lot of errors and can not spell.

  5. sorry here, see I make my point.

  6. I enJoy the chaLLenge of mispeLLing and the greater [-what?-] of misunderstanding.

    You are a wonder. Try to never forget that. If you do happen to forget it, just write to me and ask,

    "Ernest, what is it again that I am?"

    and I will respond,

    "You are a wonder.",

    unless, of course, something has happened to make me forget that fact, such as a stroke, mental degradation, loss of boookmaark, etc. You never know about the semi-elderly.

    If I happen to respond with a:

    "Use our once dirt (????)"

    realize that I am in the early stages of stroke-like symptoms and I have tried to respond in a close audio version of

    "You are a wonder."

    That will not change the fact that you are still a wonder.

  7. I spend a lot of time wondering, but also have a habit of getting wonder and wander mixed up so that my wondering can wander off in all sorts of directions. As for being any sort of wonder like the Pyramids or The Hanging Gardens of Babbling On NNnnaaaaaaaaaa I am just a blip in cyberspace with a manuscript that the processional world of words say O MY GOD NO, WHERE IS THE PLOT or 250,000 WORDS AND YOU ARE ONLY ON CHAPTER ONE ARE YOU MAD ........... Well no? And that nice Steven Spielberg has not been in contact yet and the last time I saw him he was talking to a horse on a red carpet, both off to watch a movie.

    And folk say I'm mad