Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dark Creatures Banshee's and Frogs

A very mild day so we all went for a walk in the wood, so that was me, Mercedes, Mum, Dad, Mr Pickup, Mr and Mrs Jenkins, The Dog, Pirate Pete and Captain Flint the Parrot although he didn’t walk but sat on dad’s head and kept saying are we there yet, Har Har Har Har. I think dad wished that he had left Captain Flint at home.

Heavy Harry the cat said he had been hunting and eating most of last night so he did not come with us and was going to have a little sleep, dad and the dog were muttering that the perpetual motion machine would be stopped again. We took a huge picnic with us so it was great; we also made sure we had enough food to ensure that the dog did not eat everything. I had asked for pork pies so I got to have six of them at lunch time and one or two as I got hungry before and after lunch while on the walk.

Mercedes said she wanted to see The Dark Creature of the Undergrowth and the banshee’s so we had to go and find them. We knew when we had found the Dark Creature of The Undergrowth because Mr and Mrs Jenkins and Mr Pickup screamed a bit, The Dark Creature of the Undergrowth growled at them but it only made them scream more. In the end mum took them off to see something else in the wood while I introduced Mercedes, she was well impressed by The Dark Creature of the Undergrowth although she said it was very dark and she could not really see what it looked like.  Mr and Mrs Jenkins  and Mr Pickup screamed again them and The Dark Creature of the Undergrowth vanished off into the undergrowth of the wood.

Mum had taken Mr  and Mrs Jenkins and Mr Pickup off to see the Banshee’s which is why they screamed, I’m not sure mum had thought they would scream again, Mercedes was impressed again and said WOW a lot. The Banshee’s I think were showing off just a little by doing formation flying and loop the loops and leaving different coloured trails of smoke in the sky. The ended their show by writing goodbye Mercedes see you again soon in the sky in huge red letters. The letters were so large they could be seen from the whole of the town. Unfortunately the environmental health man thought it was the fault of the local car dealer and as we passed his showroom on the way home he was being arrested for hitting a man from the environmental health department.

The frogs are still very noisy in the pond and we already have quite a lot of frogs spawn, the only problem with lots of frogs in the garden is you have to watch what you do to avoid hurting or squashing them. It is even worse later in the year when all the tiny frogs set off on their adventures.  

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