Friday, 18 February 2011

18th Feb Maths the dog and armadillo's

The half term holiday starts today, so a week off school, just as well as the maths teacher said today that E equals X squared minus 2A where A is an integer and X is a constant. Well it is all very well for him to say that and the dog is nodding his head and agreeing but then he asked the class to explain C.

I tried to explain that C is what you find at the beach and is made of water and has waves on it and pollution and sewerage in it. The Maths teacher then said no not sea but C, we were all well confused in class and so we said we didn’t see C or sea but the teacher said it all had to do with exponentials and Boolean logic.  The dog says it’s dead easy but he likes pure theoretical maths which is why he does all the mathematics for dad’s inventions. Although dad and the dog still can not get the perpetual motion machine to work properly because Heavy Harry the cat is still sleeping in it at night; well sometimes he sleeps in it, if he spends the night out hunting mice. The dog says that the maths involved by adding a random element such as a cat into the equation are just too complex and it reality would be much easier just to chase the cat away. Only mum and dad quite like Heavy Harry even if all he does is eat and sleep and pretend to be cute to passers by; only to hiss and rip their hands off.

Pirate Pete is practicing woodwork techniques so he can help dad in the workshop more, he was doing sawing today. However he appears to have cut the dining table in half with a jigsaw, his first project is to build a full scale working armadillo. Dad has always said once you master building armadillo’s anything is possible, but the rest of us just think that it is an excuse to hide dad’s obsession with armadillo’s.  I think Pirate Pete’s main problem is dad has not shown him an armadillo yet although there are a few robot armadillo’s in a box somewhere. Boxes sound like a good idea until you have a lot of them and can not remember what is in each of them anymore, then its best just to not know and start with new stuff

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  1. I dont really understand the point of a blog. I look at lots of them to see what is what but like mine they are all a bit self indulgent. There appear to be millions of them too so I may be talking to myself for a long long time yet. Luckily I am not entirely alone on FB so I am not mad honest.