Wednesday, 16 February 2011

16th feb 2011 and all is very quiet in Mid-Wales

A quiet day today, I think it is to do with the time of year as it is not quite spring yet so it is sort of cold and sort of wet and sort of grey and because everyone has not been well we are all sort of weak and flimsy and our brains have sort of stopped

The dog for some reason best know to himself decided to take up knitting today; when I got home from school it had knitted a scarf with five arms and 3 built in gloves. I did say that seemed a bit odd but the dog said he has four legs and a tail and he only wears three gloves because he likes to keep his front left paw free to write and make rude gesturers at the bus drivers.  Mum said he shouldn’t make rude gestures at bus drivers but the dog said they won’t allow him upstairs anymore, and he does not think it’s fair.  I did try and point out that the buses they use now don’t have an upstairs but the dog recons that’s a rubbish excuse.  Because Pirate Pete now has steam powered bionic legs and can run at fifty miles an hour. The dog has got him waiting at bus stops and when the bus stops he tells the driver he is going to wait for the next bus, then when the bus drives off he runs ahead to the next bus stop and confuses the bus driver when the bus arrives at that stop, One bus driver has banned Pirate Pete but then as Pirate Pete says he does not actually get on the bus. 

You can tell it is quiet today because I am writing about the dog knitting and a pirate standing at bus stops.  I bet you are all thinking O no I am having to read about a dog knitting and a pirate waiting at a bus stop, when it would be so much more exciting if the dog was waiting for a bus and the pirate was knitting. I have just asked Pirate Pete what he would knit if he could knit, he said a treasure map but mum said IDIOT it would be much better to make a tapestry. Pirate Pete is really pleased now he says it’s the first time mum has called him an idiot, and it makes him feel like one of the family. Mum has just said IDIOT again but has given him a lollypop.

I am still not sure about this bloggggggg thing but will no doubt sort it in the end

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