Friday, 25 February 2011

The Transflux-Monofisolter Mechanical Ion Machine and the sword stuck in a stone

Pirate Pete and me are helping dad fill in the hole that the Transflux-Monofisolter Mechanical Ion Machine made last night, it must have kept working for a while because there are several mounds of soil in the garden so it is like a giant mole attacking your garden. Dad was reading the instructions this morning and they said don’t pull level C in a well cultivated area.

While filling all the holes with the mounds of soil Pirate Pete and dad have found a big rock with a large and very shiny sword sticking out of it, dad thinks that the sword might belong to some bloke called Arthur. I asked if dad meant the Arthur who is in my class at school but it’s not him apparently.  Pirate Pete kept trying to pull the sword out of the stone and both he and dad said it was well stuck, which made it more difficult to roll the big stone out of the way. I had a go at getting the sword out of the stone and it came out dead easy, I think Pirate Pete and dad must have loosened it up a bit. The sword  was a bit heavy but really sharp because I accidently cut the rotary washing line in Mr Jenkins garden in half and slightly pruned one of his fruit trees a little, well quite a lot really but not on purpose. Anyway mum said I was not allowed to play with large medieval swords with precious stones in the handle and I had to put it back in the stone straight away.

Mercedes said she would like to take the sword back to the Great Metropolis; mum said that was OK as long as she pulled the sword out the stone herself. For some odd reason it was well stuck again, even Mr Pickup tried to help her; but in the end she gave up and went off in a huff muttering something about pneumatic drills and sledge hammers. Mum has made dad bury the stone with the sword back in the ground although he did say it would make a really nice water feature for the pond, but mum said NO.

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