Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sheep Noise Opera and the Daytona 500

Sunday at this time of year is very quiet, well when I say quiet it really depends on where you are as I have noticed one of my friends in the USA is watching the Daytona 500 race today, I think its today because in the UK if you mention the Daytona 500 everyone says WHO ARE THEY. The point is really that it is not quiet there.

Now look I have been distracted by stuff again. Dad likes those big American race cars but they are no good in Britain because they don’t really work very well on all those fiddly twisty roads and even our race tracks are a bit fiddly and twisty. Where as the Daytona 500 is along the straight left along the straight left so it is difficult to get lost but you do have to watch out for the other cars pitching your space in the bends so it can be a bit hairy. Anyway enough of this distraction.

Mercedes had a long lie in this morning she said she needed her beauty sleep; I told her I like to get up nice and early but she said she could tell and I should consider having some beauty sleep too as she thinks I need it. She said that she would like to do one of my film re-enactments’ she suggested The Phantom of the Opera and it was fine until I started to sing Bat Out Of Hell by you know who, then she said we should do Silence of the Lambs as my singing was making her feel sick (COOL I AM GETTING BETTER). Silence of the lambs was OK but Mercedes kept trying to lock me in dads old wood shed, luckily I could escape out of the back as it had a loose plank. And I don’t remember that anyone set fire to the cell in the film either. Then the sheep in the field at the end of the road escaped, that happens a lot at this time of year because all the little lambs climb through the fence and are to stupid to get back; so all the sheep and the rest of the lambs all follow them. We had lots of lambs for the film but they were not very quiet so the day ended a bit like the Daytona 500 race with lots of noise only the noise was sheep and lambs not cars. Mercedes said she likes coming to Wales she is not allowed to do things like set her friends on fire in the Great Metropolis.

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