Monday, 20 June 2016

The Man of the Sea

Behold the Great Man of the Sea
The heroic swimmer of Cromarty
Who swam all the way to Aberdeen
The greatest feat of swimming
There has ever been
And to astound onlookers
And stop them in their track
The next day he waved farewell
And then swam back
But he is a modest chap
And made no fuss

And after a cup of tea
At the harbour café
He set off home
On the local bus

The End   


  1. Did they make a fuss
    On the bus
    When the Man of the Sea
    Believe you me
    Soaked the seats on the bus
    Which made the passengers cuss.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary.

    1. Hello Mr G How are you keeping. . . . . .well I hope.

      I do like Cromarty it is a lovely place indeed.