Friday, 24 June 2016

OMG . . . . We Voted to DO WHAT . . . . .

OMG. . . . WHAT?

AH yes it appears that my assessment of the situation yesterday was entirely wrong, well not entirely as it was a very close vote. So us Brits, well about a half of 70% of those who can vote voted to leave the EU. What this means is that somehow last night I became the me in the alterative parallel Universe . . . . I hate it when that happens. . . . .  I have to say there was much shouting on the internet this morning and the News channels are having a great time, with more news than they can shake a stick at.

Many are saying terrible gloom and doom things, but I feel that is wrong it is not gloom and doom it is a new start and something to be embraced. Leaving the EU will only work if we meet our fellow Europeans half way and smile and hug each other, what we don’t need is the inward little Englanders getting their way and turning their back on the rest of Europe. To me there is nothing wrong with hugging a few Europeans but then saying . . .  we like you, but that bureaucratic Economic machine of yours is rubbish. . . .  Ok there will be a bit of a bumpy start to this great new adventure, but I do believe that in the long term it will be for the good.

 Of course I could be entirely wrong, but one thing for sure is we cannot undo what is done, well not in this Universe so whether or not you agree with the leave vote it is important to do our best to make it work as well as possible.  I am starting by drawing more pictures of a friendly nature. My granddaughter did her bit the other day by defending two Spanish students on a train who were being given a hard time by a passenger. She is a feisty young thing and will take no messing and will defend the rights of others. She voted to stay and has been on social media rather a lot today moaning at folk. . . I think she needs to go into politics before she gets all cynical like me.  She would probably shout at me too, but I play gaga these days. . . . and do it rather well.    


  1. I was thinking more about that combining the US and UK, and if it is USUK, people might pronounce it "You suck", and if it is the other way, UKUS, then people might say, "You cuss!", both of them rather some what negative.

    1. There is a lot of Negative about at present. I think here in Britain the very poorest in society appear to have decided they will be rebellious and do the things folk dont want them to. USUK looks less like UKIP than UKUS although UKUS looked like it might be a minor moon of Jupiter.

      What about UKUSA that sounds Like a Greek meal.

    2. I like your UKUSA. Would we be called UKUSAians or UKUSAese? Now you have me thinking what the flag should look like, and I figured that since Brexit was the name for that movement, so Brenter should logically be the name of the UKUSA movement.

    3. Do you think we should Ask Donald Trump to join, it would add notoriety.

      I think UKUSAese it sounds a little less like we are from another planet.

    4. UKUSAese it is, then.

      After I wrote this morning I thought that we can go ahead and start creating UKUSA zones - I am starting with the pineapple plant that I dedicated to you a long time ago. So you can find some king of potted plant on your side to include. I like the idea of the real estate of UKUSA being separate AND above USA and UK soil. Cool idea?

      D Trump - citizenship? I vote against allowing him in.