Thursday, 12 May 2016

Poetry for a small confusion between interplanetary species

A small tiny insect with lots of legs
Which had many eyes and laid many eggs
Bored unnoticed into the stomach
Of a vicar in Crewe
The sort of thing an insect is likely to do
But it emerged six months later
With a huge alien head
Which frightened the entire congregation
And left the vicar quite dead
Resulting in much running and screaming
In the church that weekend
And the poor vicars wife
Sadly went quite round the bend
Well the poor old alien
Did not know what he had done
Because he and his mates
Were just having fun

Which is why on Songs of Praise
Televised live sometime
Just after a traditional Sunday lunch
An Alien ate the entire choir
With a rather grizzly



  1. Blimey, that would have lifted the dreary tone of Songs Of Praise.

    1. Indeed Miss Lily . . . .And everyone loves a poem about a vicar and an alien. . . Well when I say everyone, I do.

  2. Ate the choir of Songs Of Praise? Not all bad then!
    Around My Kitchen Table

    1. No Just a slight misunderstanding