Friday, 29 April 2016

Poetry for the Yellow Dragon

As some of you will know (Ah maybe I have not mentioned it) my humble little blog has for reasons I do not understand become slightly popular in Japan. When I say popular I mean at least two folk are reading it, but some days I get more page views from Japan than anywhere else. So I have attempted to write for the letter Y a poem that has a bit of Japanese wisdom in it, and that might . . . . .  had it been written in Japanese sound like it was written in Japan.  

Now there is one slight problem with using the letter Y for this, and it is the fact the Dragon is Yellow, because as for as I can see Yellow Dragons tend to come from China. However Mr Yamamoto does travel across the sea for many many miles and so it might be that he does meet a friendly Chinese yellow dragon.

Anyway if you are one of my japanese readers then this is for you and thanks for reading. 

The Young and adventurous Mr Yamamoto
Set sail in a boat made from a cherry tree
To find the Yellow Dragon
In the famed waters of the Yellow Sea
He sailed for weeks and weeks
Through Storms and calm and swell
Until he arrived at the fabled island (伝説的な   )
The land were the Yellow Dragon is said to dwell
He battled through the forest
And up mountains that stretched up into the sky
Watched with curiosity the whole time
By the Yellow Dragons all seeing eye
Eventually they came face to face
And the Yellow Dragon
Asked him Why
He had travelled so many miles
When everyone had told him he would surely die
The Young adventurous Mr Yamamoto
Bowed at the wonderment of the great Yellow beast
And said he had brought many cherry’s
So that they could have a magnificent feast
So they sat and talked until darkness fell
And when they parted, many things
The Young adventurous Mr Yamamoto
Did now truly understand
And he returned to his family
A much richer and wiser man
Back to his old Homeland


  1. I had to write two y blogs today and both featured Japanese words. Nice that the dragon preferred cherries to travelers.

    1. Y for two blogs sounds like slightly more work that is good for the soul.

      As for the dragon it is an all seeing dragon and of course the dragon respected the humility of Mr Yamamoto. And dragons do like a cherry from time to time a fact often lost among the masses and sword wielding knights of old.

  2. The Japanese have a fondness for quirky Mr Z, which is why I probably have a fondness for the Japanese, so I'm quite jealous that they are fond of you.

    Lovely story. Like an old but slightly more eccentric Aesop Tale.

    1. I have to say an old but slightly more eccentric Aesop Tale is grand praise indeed. I would not get too jealous about the Japanese visiting my blog Miss lily because I am not sure how many or who it might be one very keen chap or a hight school group learning English. . . . AH now that might not work as well as they think.

      It would be good to know but alas it will probably never be.