Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Poetry for Dogs

Dogs are faithful friendly beasts
That smell and lick and chew
Which is why
When I went to the pet shop

I bought a cockatoo 


  1. Really enjoying your A-Z poetries Mr Z and loving the pictures. It's a shame really that very few folks are visiting/commenting/following other blogs this year.

    1. I made a big effort two years ago to visit and comment on many blogs but it did not seem to make a lot of difference to who followed or visited once the A to Z was complete. Then last year I put a lot of effort into the posts and it did not make a huge amount of difference. So this year I am keeping posts short and easy and only visiting folk who visit me unless they are regulars like yourself, Mr H and Mr ESB.

      I have noticed that there does seem to be less interaction between blogs these days. Although I am not good at visiting folk myself but that is due to time. I mean short of spending the entire day on the computer, but that would be silly.

      Strangely the largest visitor numbers I have ever had were when I was covering the world cup in my own slightly odd way.

      Keep up the good work Miss Lily only 72 more letters to go.