Sunday, 13 March 2016

Poetry for seafaring folk heading to the edge of the world

Here we go sailing on the blue briny Sea
Chasing Sea Monsters and Serpents
Drinking Rum and sweet hot tea
Hauling the main sail as sailors always do
Shouting har har har me hearties
And singing the odd sea shanty or two
Chase a fair wind
For new adventures, in the great unknown
Right to the edge of the world
We hope we will be blown
Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest
Yo ho ho we will go, and do our very best
Dropping anchor at tropical islands
Full of unknown tribes and strange beasts
And on the white silvery sands
We will have big swashbuckling barbecue feasts
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Shout the crew
As they raise the Jolly Roger
And Jolly Roger complains
As the seagulls peck at his eyes
But this is what happens to
The English redcoat spies
And once we reach the edge
We will look over into the abyss
Before returning back to blighty
And giving the harbour wall
A Kiss.


  1. Argh!! That be a good poetree.

    1. Har Har Har very kind Mr ESB . . . I forgot to mention a parrot DAMN.

    2. Failure! Utter failure, I tell ya'!!!!! What is this a world a coming to?

    3. At least Mr Kasich beat the pirate Trump in Ohio, bless his dear soul.

    4. You remember John Masefield, Poet Laureate from 1930, with the poem, 'Sea Fever'? He had a quote that was in a recent cryptogram corner puzzle, but I lost it before I could get it captured, so I will have to re-find it.

    5. "What am I, Life? A thing of watery salt held in cohesion by unresting cells, which work they know not why, which never halt, myself unwitting where their master dwells?" - John Edward Masefield

    6. "Metaphysics abstracts the mind from the senses, and the poetic faculty must submerge the whole mind in the senses. Metaphysics soars up to universals, and the poetic faculty must plunge deep into particulars.” - Giambattista Vico