Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Poetry for Man Eating Squid (and other Beasts)

A squid has tentacles that are tactile and LONG
Each with suckers that can suck hard and quite STRONG
And if you swim in the dark blue SEA
The squid will attach itself to your face . . . . . . .
Just wait . . . and you will quickly AGREE
And with its strange beak like mouth PART
It will eat your brains and your HEART
And you will scream and shout and go quite MAD
You see Squids like eating humans
Which I suppose is sort of BAD
But then humans have a habit of eating squid TOO
A thing that squids say we should not DO
So as the squid sucks both your eyeballs OUT
Ponder the complexities of the food chain
And what it is all ABOUT
And smile as you realize
We are not always at the top
Of that food CHAIN
Which means we sometimes have to endure?
A small bit of PAIN
As we get thinner and THINNER
From being some sort of beasts
Favourite and most argumentative


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