Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Brussels, terrorism and the ramblings of an old man

Today has seen yet another terrorist act in the world this time in Brussels, but behind each of these events is a complex and often distorted set of viewpoints by those who commit these acts.  One of the great anomalies of mankind is the difference between those who have and those who have nothing. I am lucky I have a nice home and eat well and have the opportunity to learn and give my opinion. Hundreds of millions of people don’t get the same chances in life; many millions are often given little or no choice in even the basics of life.  Just look at the present state of Syria, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people are desperate to leave a country consumed by war and hate and see the rest of Europe as a possible safe place to go. Yet the rest of Europe are now looking to find ways of stopping these people arriving, with politicians justifying their reasons to refuse to help with various excuses and paying other countries to deal with the problem in order to be seen to be doing their bit to help. Events such as today's make it even harder for ordinary refugees from Syria to get to Europe as people become increasingly paranoid about the Muslims that live in Europe already.

Of course this is the very point of these bombings, they are perpetrated in order to encourage fear and hate between countries and religions which sadly appears to be working as time passes. I don’t know what that the answer is to these events as the people who undertake these terrorist acts do it because they believe they are right. Let’s face it no one is going to blow themselves up for a cause they don’t believe in.  Which brings us back to the great inequalities of the human race across the world, I can’t help but think part of the reason for extremist starts with a feeling of social injustice. The leaders of many terrorist groups prey on the vulnerable who feel pushed out of society or that society has suppressed them.  Maybe if there was less inequality  in the world it would be better but then groups like IS (ISIS or ISIL or whatever) appear to have little interest in inequality within their own group and seem to want a world based on fear and hate.

If we must have a world based on one religion and faith then in my opinion the best choice is Sikhism, it seems to tick most of the boxes to a better world. . . . . . . . .I think.


  1. Yup. The world is indeed a messed up place. Or, at least, Us Humans are.

    It annoys me that politicians call those fleeing Syria migrants when they are in fact REFUGEES.

    There is a huge difference between these words but those in charge appear to not understand, or possibly ignore, the fact that millions of people are literally running for their lives.

    In respect of terrorists, it's the same. They are often referred to or linked with religion (namely Islam) but there is as much religious faith in blowing up people as there is Christianity in the horrific things done to children by priests or race crimes committed by the KKK and the like.

    You are right when you say there are no easy answers.
    The western countries have allowed themselves to become targets after generations of interfering with other nations.
    It's not a valid excuse for terrorism - there is no excuse for the horrors being fought on a daily basis.

    All we can do is hope that peace will prevail at some point in our life time.... although I have my doubts.

    1. I agree Mr H with what you say. As you know my blog is a light hearted affair with little tales and poems but sometimes it seems like the wrong thing to post. I cant help but think that man will one day self destruct, I know if I was an alien looking from space I would probably give us a wide birth and look for a friendly life-form.

      Oooo and I think I have corrected all the typing errors now. I may be a man of peace but I am a very bad typist. . .