Saturday, 13 February 2016

The City of Towers Lighthouse and a Man's Quest to Create Art

The City of Towers Lighthouse

Yesterday I mentioned that I made the City of Towers, they are in fact table numbers and now have the names of all those coming to the Valentines Lunch in the village hall tomorrow upon their roofs . But the thing is sometimes the mind can see an opportunity to expand on a little idea and so today I made the City of Towers Lighthouse. I had no real reason to do so other than that little inner drive that artist folk have to create come what may. My main problem is unlike many I do not have much in the way of finance or resources to do this (Its OK I do have a chilled and comfortable life), so almost all my arty stuff needs to cost as near as damn it nothing to produce, so cardboard and a tube of glue are rather good arty things for me to create with. Sadly not only does this cost little more than my time to produce, but folk will not buy such art, so I remain quietly starving in my artists garret. . . . Only it’s a fairly nice bungalow on the edge of a rather nice little village. This makes it even worse as a middle class artist who is not starving has no street cred what so ever, and I have no plans to die which always works wonders for artists saleability.

Still what can I do I am what I am, and so will continue doing my bit in my own way despite my simple but moderately comfortable middle class-ish lifestyle.  It’s a funny old word is all I can say.

The City of Towers

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