Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Nativity Scene, The Religious Relic and IKEA

Sorry it is not a great picture but it is a dark spot 

Now as some of you will know I am not a religious chap and so you will be looking at my pictures and saying WHAT? And quite right too, but as you also know (I think) I did make a nativity scene for Christmas this year. Not for any religious reason it was more a case of making homemade things such as the paper chains and the like, folk don’t make enough homemade things, it’s all batteries and iPhones.  Anyway today I made a box for the nativity scene to go in and I thought MMMMmmmmmmmm what sort of box does a nativity scene go in, so I have made one in the form of a religious relic so that in 10,000 years time it will become a religious relic. OK it is made from the box one of the IKEA draws arrived in, so inside it says IKEA which might ruin its potential as a religious relic. Luckily there is an old saying that goes . . . God moves in a mysterious way. . . . Well I think we can all say that is something of an understatement so who can tell and there are some well dodgy religious relics about in the world already.  

Now a few of you know that I also sometimes turn up in the world of twitter and I am sure I let that nice Kirsty Allsopp  know of my homemade Nativity Scene. But as I have found over the last couple of years if I turn up and tweet at a celeb or the like in cyberspace they seem to vanish faster than a seagull stealing a chip butty from a small child on a beach in South Wales. . . Now that is fast those Welsh seagulls are dangerous beasts.  OK back to the point if there is one. Well those celebs will in ten thousand years time regret not spending more time reading my tweets when my religious relic turns up in the Vatican proving that once God or Rob Z Tobor or both must have visited IKEA. . . . . . . . .     


  1. Love the skull and crossbones. Are they the spirits of Christmas? And the Lil man is most enamoured with that rather sinister lurking owl.

    Seriously Mr Z, the whole thing looks wonderful and I especially love that box.

    1. Miss Lily we do not mention boxes here I would not want someone thinking I wanted a whole load of old Mrs Mills records to listen too.

      Is that the faint footsteps of Honky Tonk and soap.