Sunday, 17 January 2016

Poetry for Rain

I have not seen a lot of sun
But we have had a lot of rain
Which really is not?
A lot of fun
And can drive a man
Quite insane
And a bit of sleet
And some nasty snow
It would be very nice
If it would
All now go
I would even be happy
With a bit of drought
Rather than the flooding seen
Here and there
And roundabout
I mean no one wants Sneesl
Or Smog and stuff
We are fed up with
The weather being so rough
As we all wake up to another
Dour dreach day
Which the bitter wind
Has blown our way
With talk of Daggle
And getting Drookit
One needs to stay warm
To make it through it
And the gentle pitter-patter,
Yet again
Sending those with no brollies
Running and scattering
about in the rain
And as the grey and dark
Once again return
I will stick
Another log on the fire
And watch it burn

Roll on spring is what I say
I am sure it will turn up
One day



  1. It's not the rain that I dislike, so much as the cold. It took me a while to figure out that it wasn't the doors or floorboards creaking, but my knees. And this morning, I'm sure I saw a polar bear pass by my bedroom.

    1. The cold is now the thing that is getting to us a bit. In an ideal world I would stick all the heating on and point and laugh at little jack frost and his mates through the double glazing. Sadly economics dictate that this might be a bit extravagant on a permanent basis so I am trying to part hibernate which is only sort of working as bits of me keep falling off due to the cold.