Sunday, 31 January 2016

An A to Z special for the Letter I . . . A useful and Slightly Poetic Spell

I have been busy lately so I thought I would stop for a Spell

HAH HA HA ha Hah  ha ha ha ha

Iron Bars
Steel Ingots
Eye of iguana
And the finger of
An insidious charmer
Wing of Insect
And an indigo thought
Rope taken from an old West Indian port
An insecure moment from a grandfather clock
An interesting but small igneous rock
An ibis’s wing
And a rather obscure indelible thing
All stirred together with water
From a poisonous icy spring
Stirred very slowly
As impatience will fail
Slowly adding some
Rancid pale ale
Some improper thoughts
And an impala's teeth, plus its tail.
And an artists impression
Of the large blue whale
An inch from a ruler
An injection of rum
Some sticky illicit Green Bubble gum
Then add the legs of a Bumble Bee
And the decomposing intestines
Of the lesser spotted human flea.
Then keep on stirring until the potion
Is steaming, bubbling and hot
Then shout at the world
You are coming to get them
Whether they are ready
Or not.

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