Monday, 14 December 2015

An Average day in the run up to Christmas

Today has been a funny old day as I have achieved what I intended although at this moment in time I still have some of the day left so with luck will get a bit more done yet.  I have stopped for a cup of tea, living in Britain and being a bit of a traditionalist in many ways it is important to stop sometime in the afternoon round about three-ish to have a cup of tea.  I am trying to make a top hat to go with the James Bond skull mask and it must be finished by Thursday.  The critical thing at present with this hat is ensuring it fits the person it is intended for and to that end I will be heading out later into the dark damp grey evening to stick the hat on the head of the person whose head it will be on in a few days time at a party. A party I will not be at even though the hat and mask I made will.  Typical you make stuff and what happens it vanishes off and has a good time leaving me sat in front of a Christmas tree.

You see one of the other things on today’s list was decorate the Christmas tree; this has been started and continues well although another small point is we have four Christmas trees this time. I know that sounds rather decadent but it is not as bad as it sounds. One is our trusty fake main tree, two of them are smaller fake trees left over from the days of Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop and the fourth one is a real tree in a pot outside that will be staying outside to ensure it lives on into old age seeing many more Christmases in the future. Something I guess we are all hoping to do.  As far as lights go that is no problem as I buy a new set of fairy lights every year and have done for many many many years. Nothing bling just simple white LED fairy lights so we can easily put up several thousand little sparkly lights without too many issues (I do love fairy lights).

OK we are fast coming to the end of my afternoon tea break so I might try and get a picture of Christmas so far and then its onwards and upwards to do constructive things and then a bit later I will post this post on my humble blog were it may or may not be read.  As it is nearly Christmas I don’t mind if folk don’t read it because I know that up north near the North Pole there is a chap in a large red coat white beard who goes Ho Ho Ho a lot who does read it (Uncle Eric) . . . . . . . . .     

OOOOoooo yes I made a fish for my homemade nativity scene but still have at least one wise man and a sheep to make, I was told pigs were not about at the nativity scene 

I am still waiting for a phone call to go and do a hat fitting . . . . it appears the traffic on a motorway out there somewhere is not moving, I am glad I live in the sticks.

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